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This is from the first email they send: Almost Done! Because of this, we haven't sent you any of our newsletters. I have the 2 burner Camp Chef and the SG griddle and that thing is awesome. We've been doing a complete kitchen reno and due to some issues with new cabinets I've been cooking exclusively on the camp chef and the kettle for over a month. Having the griddle has been fantastic.

My only complaint about that griddle is that the grease catcher setup isn't that great. It comes with a little hanger thing that you're supposed to put a tin can in I think , but I don't often eat canned goods and have a hard time finding something that works well to put in the catcher. And it doesn't stick out any so in windy conditions I have a tendency to get grease on the legs of the stove, which kinda sucks. I've thought about welding a piece of channel to extend the drain spout, but then I don't think it'd fit in the carry bag But for cooking on?

Love the thing! I have been using this camp chef griddle for over two years. Its one of the only reasons I still use the gasser. Reminds me I have a custom stainless top. Bet the bride knows. She knows where everything is that I've not used in a while. Good job.

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I'm torn between cast iron being able to retain heat better but SS being able to heat up faster and cool down faster and the clean up seems easier. I'm kinda leaning toward the camp chef with built in heat diffuser but what's it made out of? Is the grease tray deep enough? It's either carbon steel or cast iron. Definitely not stainless. It will rust and requires seasoning. Like I mentioned in my post above it's not really a grease tray. It is a funnel to the side that has an opening.

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It comes with a can hanger thing that you can put a can in to catch the grease. Although I guess if you were putting it on a gas grill it would end up either inside the grill, or down the front of it depending how it fit over your grill. That grease catching thing is the only negative on the grill, IMO. So many toys so little time ;-. Well i suppose i could just roll up a paper towel and put that in the tray to soak up grease because attaching a grease cup wouldn't work in my applications. It does have a built in heat diffuser on the bottom for even heat distribution? I got my Blackstone over the weekend.

I did not clean and re-season since they had seasoned it for shipping with vegetable oil and I am lazy and not something dangerous. I did rub in more oil before use and coked some good greasy food on it of course.

An excellent surprise - Jus Grill

I haven't died yet. I have only used it to test heat and throw a couple of things on that I could reheat. I will play with it more over the weekend. I was able to easily get to over degrees pointing the IR directly at the porcelain grate. Not having a lid would certainly be an issue for certain things that need to roast while cooking and weather, but it isn't like I would use a gasser for those things anyways.

The one thing I meant to test and forgot was putting my grill grates on it both right side up and upside down to see what kind of temps I could get them to. Mostly I want to still be able to do a little bit of griddle cooking with them upside down when I want to use the unit as a regular grill for the rest of the cooking area. I really wish they would have set up the griddle as 2 18" surfaces instead of 1 36" surface and given the option to buy an 18" grill accessory so that you could use it both ways at once.

If anyone else is considering it, be aware that the quality is not as high as the griddle itself.

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  4. The other thing is the carrying bag fit. It is really tight for the grill but easy to get in since it isn't ridiculously heavy. The griddle top on the other hand doesn't fit right because of the drip lip thing that sticks out. It is also so damn heavy that getting it in the bag is a three person job. I did it once, but I will only put the grill in the bag in the future. Great deal. You have chosen to thumb down this deal.

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    3 Little Griddles Gluten Free - Aurora

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    Talked to the manager and got the pro version for the same price. L2: Beginner. I grabbed one. Cherrywood-smoke bacon and American cheese stuffed inside golden hash browns. Topped with a kick of chili con queso, two eggs, any style, garnished with scallions. Melted Swiss cheese, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. Smothered with Hollandaise sauce, garnished with scallions. Three large, made-from-scratch pumpkin pancakes topped with caramel pecan sauce and pumpkin spiced supreme cream.

    Served with two cherrywood-smoked bacon strips or two sausage links or one house-made sausage patty. House-made sausage patties inside two buttermilk biscuits, topped with savory country sausage gravy. Pancakes not included. Two eggs, any style, two cherrywood-smoked bacon strips or two sausage links and two buttermilk pancakes. Hash browns not included.