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Advertiser Disclosure. Let's get you connected. Call now to order TV. Call to order. View internet plans. I immediately ask to speak to suprivisor. He then tells me sorry the person who sold u this did it for the sale. Puts me on hold and phone hangs up. From this point on non stop hanging up every time im transfered to a supervisor. Hung up on again 5 times. Time 6 i get suprivisor Zack Y all he would give me who tells me sorry nothing we can do.

We didnt sell you anything until equipment is installed and since it wasnt because we dont offer them services in your area its not considered sale. At this point im mad, yelling, and beyond pissed. They took my money!!! They sold me services! They read my terms and conditions! They promised me all these rewards!

Several times i asked him to get audio from the recorded line the so called had proving the hole conversation between me and woman who sold me non existing services but he refused. Refused to give me a full name or employee id.

DirecTV Review and How to Get Discounts

I too was recording all 24 calls and conversations. I promise i will not let this go and i will be contacting BBB, attorney general, all news channels, leaving this review on all sites, and most importantly contacting my lawyer and taking this to court. I signed up for the choice package but, when I saw my first bill it included a sports package.

Totally unacceptable!

AT&T DIRECTV’s Best Bundle Deal Is Now $89.99/mo + Get $250 VISA Card

Worst company ever to get anything resolved. I was promised many things when I signed up for Direct TV. Never received gift card that was promised, was told i did not need internet in order to have Direct TV, that was a lie, Cant watch any movies without the internet Also could not get any HD channels with out internet. The area I reside did not have an internet provider provider at the time. When Verizon Fios came into our area I chose to cancel my contract with Direct TV due to the horrible customer service as well as all of the lies and because I needed internet to watch anything.

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I complained several times to try and get this resolved and it never was so I canceled Direct TV. They are the ones that broke their promises to me. Why would I continue to pay for a service from a company that continues to promise things then lie about it when questioned. I was on the phone with them today for 2 hours trying to resolve this issue.

I was transferred several times to someone they said would be able to help. The last transfer was to a Spanish speaking employee.

Why I Picked DirecTV Now

Save yourself the drama and go else where. Completely unorganized and disfunctional company I have ever had to deal with. This has got to be the worst service I have ever had. Day 1 installation: T he installer was terrible I was unable to understand anything he said. He installed the satellite in the center of the roof instead of screwing it to the side on the roof. I order the wireless boxes and he ran the line on the side of the house using my Christmas decoration hooks to hang the line. I tried to contact Direct Tv and all I got was let me let you talk to a tech.

I hate watching tv I feel like I got ripped off. I attempted to just switch back to u-verse but they just want me to talk to a tech. However, I find Direct TV to be worse. In fact MUCH worse. When I signed up, I was given a copy of a new customer sales order worksheet, which promised in writing, that my rate was guaranteed for 2 years. I had specifically never agreed to this and still have the signed agreement,.

DIRECTV partners with Viasat Internet. You should, too.

My wife works from our house. They made a deal with Cox so that all employees in the Phoenix or Las Vegas areas are required to use Cox Communications for internet and we get it at a discount. We told this to our salesperson at Direct TV and he said no problem and put it in writing.

ATT cell phone service sucks in many parts of the area we live in. That came from the salesperson at the ATT cell store on Eastern. The store personnel have been asking for a new tower some time but they claim that they have been promised many times but it still goes nowhere. Frontline customer service agents and their superiors are powerless to give resolution to problems. They have their standard scripts and then pass the call up to another person who is powerless.

They then send your call up to another level of powerless people. The only way to get resolution is to reach somebody in the executive levels. However, even then it was only after I threatened to make a phone call which would cancel a deal to get multi family homes that the owner was planning on having Direct TV wired up. Finally, due to their dishonesty in keeping their end of agreements, their inferior internet, their spotty cell phone service and extremely frustrating customer service, I highly recommend never signing up for Direct TV.

There are less expensive alternatives that give you better quality. The dumb rep lies to me saying she removed the charge and made my bill cheaper. Few days later the charge is still there. I keep calling different departments and getting the run around. I wish I knew this before I ever signed up with them.

Worst service ever. Big boxes with very small print. Instead of me clicking down to the program I want, it moves up until it goes into huge highlighted box. No recording date on programs I recorded so you might not watch them in proper order. I really liked the old menu and guide, I really dislike the new guide and menu. Hi Dave!

That sounds like a hassle for sure. However, 12 years with the company speaks for itself. Direct TV has been an absolute nightmare in every way possible. We got a 50 inch tv, a tablet, And a smart watch. Seemed legit. The channels were all garbadge except like five. Twenty minutes of commercials per show. Terrible customer service, no one could manage to give us a straight answer about anything.

We had to pause the service for six months because it was too much for us to afford tons of financial shit hitting the fan all at once. We were probably charged upwards of fifteen hundred dollars over the span of nine months for nothing. Direct TV can burn in hell.

Service is continually dropped, problems with the server, and crappy response times for service. The first time they were suppose to come out, I took the day off work, the appointment was for AM to AM. I call , they gave me , then then finally I ask to speak to an American in America, they could not guarantee I would get an American manager. So I call back again, I finally spoke to an American who set me up with second appointment. Took the day off again. Technician showed up, he was just here to installing phone and internet.

No one showed up to install TV. This should have been a simple move. So 2 weeks later I still have no TV, just internet and phone. With no date to have TV installed. I am so disappointed, after my phones are paid off we will seek service else where. Well due to the fact that I do have a credit rating of , I hit the roof. So what do I do now? How can a Company charge outrageous fees for piss-poor service. If they say it is always available, then they lied to you just like they lied to me.

I went back to my previous vendor. Go elsewhere. It is NOT worth the headache. My account is still not setup correctly yet they are bugging me for payment, which I cannot pay because I cannot log on. I tried to get help to resolve the service issue and they sent the same technician who broke two of my collectibles when he banged into my furniture. Now they say they will change me to get out of contract….. Try the fire stick first or a wire hanger or aluminum foil rabbit ears and you will get bette service!! Totaly agree. I have had 4 modems changed due to directtv upgrades, white screens, and lose service during rain storms.

Started using DirectTV in October I turn it on, and no sound, apparently my receiver is the problem. I inform them of the message I see, I wait for 5 minutes or so and they come back with sorry sir, you are not eligible. Wait 3 weeks and call back and maybe there will be something then. I ask for a manager. Manager says if I wait 3 weeks I will get the upgrade for free. She says wait 3 weeks or pay. I ask why the other gentleman said I was not guaranteed in 3 weeks and I had to wait and see.

I said I have been a customer since and this is ridiculous when my account says I am eligible. They refuse to budge on the price at all. She said buy it from them then, and refused to do anything to help. Worst ever! First off they raised the price on us. All kinds of problems. Sound cuts out, breaks down completely, no picture, no tv!

When it does work the shows or movies on demand are glitchy, they stop, rewind on their own, then go forward and go slow motion, lack OMG! Huge mistake. Constantly drops off. I would rate Direct TV negative stars. Finally I gave them my time of day and 4hrs if being tossed from one dept to another, finally a lady from the customer loyalty dept took care half the issue. The print is ridiculously small No date and time at the top of the guide. Hate the big blue highlighted box No recording date on recorded programs Can not rewind or fast forward on Demand programs. A fix for that would be a welcome improvement.

I saw a dvr fix-it company online some time ago, maybe i can have them repair this one. Because what everyone here is describing sounds like a deal breaker. Only on demand channels that have commercials. Pay channels you can ff. Gotta get those commercials in. It usually only takes a few minutes to switch it over. I would wait a few days and then call again and then was told it would take another 72hrs. Another time after that, I was told it might take hrs.

Then last week I was told my move was coming up with errors… and that they would look into it but no information on how it was going to be followed up. No stars. Each time you call for the same problem, you have to start from the beginning as the junior agents work their way through their process. I have tried to escalate by asking for a manager and all I get from them is that I will get a call back… what number is good for you?

And then no one calls. I prefer DirectTV over all other forms of cable. The problem is because my home faces the wrong direction I cant have a satellite installed. I was told the only direction allowed is South or Southwest and my apt faces North. This sucks. Hope DirectTv comes up with a better dish or better satellite range. GUIDE: font too small to read. Too much space taken to twice identify programming channel. Why was it necessary to increase the menu panel from 5 to 6 lines? When choosing a program the display at the top again is just too small to read. In addition, on play backof recorded programming has also changed.

Donald these changes is good for me and I suspect most of the DirecTV customers. I want my old menu and play back screen. Totally agree! I want the old one back!!! The new menu is almost criminal. How can a senior citizen use this ridiculous design. The boxes are plenty big but they have just tiny text. My wife and I have been loyal customers nearly since the start of DirecTV but the tiny text is impossible to use.

Was this designed by some young kids with great vision viewing their work on large computer displays sitting on their desk fifteen feet away. With the mess you have made I doubt if you can hold me to my contract. Oh yes they can. Its a contract. Its statex they can change whatever they ant whenever they want. Absolutely HATE the new format. Font way too small, list is awful, no dates on when programs were recorded. Please change back. Direct TV has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced! I was a loyal customer for over 18 years. Unfortunately, when I cancelled and returned the requested 18 year old equipment to them, they state they never received it …whatever!

What would they do with 18 year old or even 5 year old equipment. Before cancelling with them I called to ask about issues we were having and was told I needed to update my equipment and that would fix my problem. I spoke to a supervisor of sorts who refused to remove the charges and unless I could provide them with the teacking number this would go on my credit….

People if you have any other choice do not pick direct tv horrible serve and their charges are ridiculous!! I told her everything was tight and I had a service plan, she then told me before she can schedule someone to come fix it I have to go do everything she says to even though I had already done it. Then they told me they will mail me instructions on where to return my boxes and I have to do so by May 16th, which when I called it was May 6th, if I do not return them by then I will be charged a large sum per each box, I asked them if I would even get the instructions by then and he said yes.

They are not trust worthy. I feel a bad charge is coming my way. This has been the worst experience I have had with any company I have had a service from. I closed my account, actually talked to a customer service rep, and sent back all of my equipment in December of Of the Customer Service Reps, 10 in total, only two were willing to help and look into my situation. During this time I was promised there would not be any early cancellation fee and I was just charged for it today. This company has been inaccurate with billing almost the entire time I was a customer. This company is a joke and wish I would have never done business with them.

I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. Worst experience ever Directv is a company that offer promotions but does not comply with it, I been fighting for over 9 month about my promo credit. I almost always record programs to time shift. Yesterday the format on my screen changed, and I do not like the new appearance.

When I fast forward the bottom of the screen is blacked out to show words white on black. I cannot see a putt go in because the hole is blacked out. I cannot read breaking news scrolls because the words are blacked out. This is, I hope, only an experiment, and to me it is a miserable mistake.

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The list of recorded programming and playback is far harder to negotiate. It is more trouble to check on sheduled future recordings. Please tell me you are going back to the format I enjoyed and used so easily. Directv is a complete rip off. Every time I call in they tell me that it will be credited to my nexts month bill and it never happens.

The equipment went out on us tonight and the rep was very rude. They also wanted to charge us for having a tech to come out. What ever you do go some place else for cable, internet, or phone. So you can leave work to meet them. Over all the new setup sucks. Ever since the most recent upgrade, we cannot read the menu. The font is way too small. Is there any way to correct that? Im talking about several bad customer service experiences. They are always so rude and they will try to get every last cent you have.

They made a mistake with my package and they actually wanted me to pay them for someone coming to my house. They are absolutely ridiculous Their playback never works. They hiked up the prices and overall just suck. I hate how they changed everything remotes, the whole guide setup, …. Its just a terrible company. I have been a DirectTv subscriber for 11 years, and just recently changed to a Genie. The new guide or whatever you call it — the whole on-screen menu — is terrible. Here are some examples: 1 The font is too small in many places.

Very tough to see unless you are willing to sit close. If they got rid of the logos, they could increase the size of the font AND provide more information on every page. As you scroll down through the list, it insists on showing every one of them as a sudden pop-up big blue box with, yes, a big logo.

Please, DirectTv, just give us the list to scroll through. This new guide only seems to do that sporadically. Often it just tells me what season it was and what number the episode was. That might be helpful every once in a while, but why not tell us when it first aired too?

Instead, you have to stop the fast forwarding and then hit rewind to get back to where you left off when the commercial started. Now on May 31, this Chanel disappeared. And they never called 15 minutes before arriving as promised. Was just disgusted with the whole thing. Am i watching this season or 5 years ago season? And now have to hunt for our glasses to see the damn thing. I was with them for 10 years and I never had a good experience with their phone support.

Most recently I wasted over three hours on the phone trying to get my Satellite hardware upgraded, and stayed home from work for their technician on three different days. A technician never came to my house and each time I called there were different issues with the way the last guy placed order. I finally had enough, and canceled to move to Dish network. When canceling, they told me they wanted my 10 year old hardware back and I needed to waste over an hour more of time taking it to the UPS store.

I asked them to come and get it as it was not worth my time. What a horrible way to treat your customers.

AT&T Triple Play | | Internet, TV & Phone

I saw this offer under my direct tv log in under add premium channels. This is false advertisement. I recently scheduled a DirecTV install and it was a very bad experience. We have previously had DirecTV and service itself was usually great. For this install I called their customer support, then chatted with a representative and clearly stated that we are renting, and only a chimney mount would be allowed.

I also clearly stated that I would buy the chimney mount for the installer to use. I was told that would be no problem, the installer can use whatever mount I have. Horrible experience I originally switched to Direct TV to get a bundle deal with internet and cable. I called and spoke to someone who confirmed internet would be installed as well. The earliest install date available was 2 weeks out for the morning between I immediately called and cancelled within an hour of install. They really have horrible customer service.. This is how they make there money, by ripping people off..

Directv will rip you off just like so many others. Good luck if you choose this provider. Directv is the worse. Worse customer service. The list goes on and on with directv too. This site is a U. Consumer site. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. Recommended Plans. Our Rating. Call Now: View Plans.

Call Now. But is it right for you? Trevor Wheelwright. See all articles. Sep 19, Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. Autopay and paperless bill discount. This discount only applies for the first year which is wack, if you ask us. This is a good upgrade for film addicts. Early termination fees Say you realize, around the one-year mark, that you want to get out of your contract. Additional contributors Catherine McNally. Written by. Trevor Wheelwright Trevor's three years deep at Reviews. Prior to that, he worked seven years in retail and e-commerce, testing and reviewing products ranging from world-class guitars and amps to designer handbags and shoes to everyday furnishings and gizmos.

Influenced by art and philosophy, he views everything as part of a story and an expression of our transcendent experience. Trevor's three years deep at Reviews. Frank N Stein. Hello Frank, Thanks for reaching out to clarify! Our post will be updated to reflect this and other changes accordingly as they come. Wireless vs Wired Genie. Angela Colson Cummings. John Gabriel. I am going to call about Xfinity. Mike Matthews. Delt with the same situation for about 3 months now and nothing has happened. Nomi Harper. We hope your current issue is resolved soon!

Stanley Stephens. Also, do you have other options for service in your area? Thanks for your input! Jen H. Let us know what you decide to do! Phyllis Hamman. Nicole Mallaber. Dylan Campbell. Candy N Bob Bussiere. Troy Barker. Parker Odoms. Denise Elizabeth Hunt.

Just curious, have you tried to find another provider? Kara Appel. Halem Albright. Did you end up switching to another TV service? Anthony Franklin. Susan Andrews. Thanks again! Thank you for your reply Ginger, Our thoughts go out to you and your friends. John Polanyi. Six Zero. Linsey Nelson. Donna Pena.

Casey Matthews. Erin Hill. Rebecca Reno. Karina calderon. Denise Davidson Mistich. Joe Vockler. Revonda Bozard.

DIRECTV features you'll love

Joseph Jefferson. Scott Hosack. Katie Janis. Paul Davis. Corinna Michele. Joe Williamson. Lou Liberio. Yarimar R. Sai Spandana Kancheti. Valerie Gamel. Daniel Dominguez. Carlos Menezes. Joyce-e Lamberson. PJ Nestler. Marisol Sanchez. Don Cline. Bob M. Jolene McCormick. Elizabeth Rhonda Stanford. All the services included in your bundled package will be accounted on a single invoice, which means that you will only have to face the trouble of managing just a single bill.

Two different types of bundled packages are available to you namely, Triple Play and Double Play. The triple play bundle packages are the most favorite choice of customers because it allows them to bundle their internet, home phone, and satellite TV service for an affordable rate. On the other hand, the double play bundle is the perfect choice for customers who wish to get any of the two services in a single pack.

You can bundle your satellite TV and internet service, internet and home phone service, or satellite TV and home phone service for a cheap price under double play. We constantly update our website with latest promos to ensure that our customers get access to the best and cheapest deals on TV, phone, and internet. Our expert team of staff members would help you thoroughly compare all the different packages and plans offered by the leading service providers, and even recommend a few if you get too confused with the plethora of services on offer. Why wait, explore the plans of different service providers and grab the best deal today!

Toggle navigation. Latest Reviews Read all the latest reviews on telecom providers and services. By thetripleplay. View All Reviews. What Makes Bundles Packages Attractive. What's new Get to know about all the latest deals and plans on telecom services. Bo… By thetripleplay. Popular Articles. March 17,